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Mandaloun brings a slice of the Mediterranean to Southern California, with a rich ambiance filled with silk draperies and chandeliers. The lush and festive atmosphere is an ideal setting to enjoy Mandaloun’s authentic Lebanese cuisine. The extensive menu offers a variety of dishes, however it is the meze, or small plates, that are most popular. Over forty tapas-style dishes range from simple baba ghanoush to the intricate kafta nayeh, or sirloin tartare, and a fixed-price option offers the perfect way to sample from the dazzling array of tastes and flavors. Patio dining allows the enjoyable hookah after a meal, while inside seating offers ideal views of the late-night weekend entertainment.



Restaurant Info

  • Address: 141 S. Maryland Avenue, Glendale CA 91204
  • Cross Street: East Broadway
  • Location: San Fernando Valley | Glendale
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean |
  • Cost: $$ | Inexpensive | $25 - $50
  • Category: Fine Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Unknown
  • Dress Code: Casual Elegant
  • Meals Served: Lunch | Dinner |
  • Parking: Street |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard |
  • Corkage Fee: N/A
  • Phone: 818-507-1900

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  • Full Bar



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    Restaurant Address: 141 S. Maryland Avenue, Glendale CA 91204

    User Reviews

    What a blast!!!  

    Originally my party and I had reservations at another restaurant that ended up being a nightmare , so we ended up leaving and going to Mandaloun. Basically, we had a blast. Great food, great service, and good entertainment. We danced all night long and our servers were awesome, they were constantly on top of things. I was so glad that we ended up having so much fun. I would highly recommend this place, especialy if your going out with a group of friends. And as far as the owner, it was a pleasure being in his restaurant with his wonderful presents

    A Middle Eastern Don't!  

    At first glace, this restaurant seems like a middle eastern vacation house. Posh curtains and fancy furniture. One trip to the restroom made it clear that most of the restaurant's funds were spent on decorations and very little on plumbing and pipework(yuk!) The food was flavorless and barely decent. The waiters lacked service skills and were unprofessional and sarcastic. Their personal heigene was another issue (deodorant anyone?)The waiters literally stacked trays of food on top of eachother on the tables. One even went as far as to place a large dish of food on top of the water ewer! NOTE* I rated this a "2" because of their hot,fresh pita served directly from the oven.

    More Like Broken Mandaloun  

    Let me begin with the positives. I would have to say that the inside and patio decor and furnishings were very nice. The entertainment was upbeat even if there was a little too much Russian music for an all...literally ALL Armenian crowd. I was looking for more Armenian music, some Arabic, and mixing it up with some other international. Don't get me wrong. I like Russian music. That's it. That is were the positives end.

    When the waiter handed us the menus they fell apart. Which was sad because it looked as though whoever was incharge of the menus put some serious thought and money into making them. Anyways, after I put my menu back together I began to look through their wine list. I knew a good drink was in store if my date and I were going to enjoy this evening. I looked at the wine list and I couldn't believe what I saw. The cheapest bottles of wine that go for like six or seven bucks at Trader Joes were selling in the neighborhood of $50 to $80. My first impression was either the owners are incredibly stupid or the clientele. Ok whatever I thought. I'll just order hard alcohol. So my date and I pressed forward and order some shots of vodka.

    I ordered the "Shish Kabobs", which were impressively juicy but a little burned. My date ordered The Salmon and "Vegetables" and I couldn't believe my eyes when the waiter brought her plate. It was Salmon and I am not joking at all when I say this. Literally no joke....for the so called vegetables they put canned vegetables that one can get at like the cheap canned food section of the grocery store. They had steamed it and paired it with the Salmon. This was to be their "Salmon and Steamed" vegetables which was going for $29. Can u believe that? Steamed canned vegetables and some Salmon for $29. So we told the waiter how rediculous we thought the "vegetables" were and ordered him to substitute them for some fresh cut vegetables. He brought us a plate of fresh vegetables and CHARGED us for that plate at the end.

    Anyways the bill was almost $200. I couldn't believe my eyes. We could have eaten better food at some of the finest restaurants in LA for far less money. I wouldn't recommend this place to my ENEMIES!!!

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