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1010Tara's Himalayan Cuisine - Venice

Address: 10855 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90034   Make a Reservation


Address: 5 Dudley Avenue, Venice, CA  90291   Make a Reservation
This Italian restaurant may seem like just any old option from the vast choices in Los Angeles, but this venue is known more their diversions that involve food rather than the food itself. Every once in a while on a special date Piccolo will have patrons enjoy a five course meal that is based off the wines they choose. It is a very random, mysterious game that is just right for the adventurous eater. For those seeking ambiance and serenity the restaurant’s location with a great view towards the horizon will do just fine. Inside one can enjoy elegant dining … Learn More »


Address: 796 Main Street, Los Angeles, CA  90291   Make a Reservation
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Adopting the iconic canary-colored building familiar to many Venice locals is Ado Ristorante, the brainchild of Co-owner Paulo Cesaro and Chef Antonio Mure’. This rustic Italian cuisine eatery marries the understated sophistication of its earthy décor of exposed wood beams and simple wood seating with a welcoming menu of unpretentious authentic fare. The Taagliolini Rossi is a rich dish of homemade red beets pasta in a Marsala quail egg ragu, and the Tagliata di Cinghiale is a savory delight of grilled wild boar tenderloin served with a white port and raspberry sauce. Learn More »

109Chaya - Venice

Address: 110 Navy Street, Los Angeles, CA  90291   Make a Reservation
CLOSED! For more than two decades, Chaya Venice has consistently entertained the Venice beach community with its famous Franco-Japanese Fusion cuisine. Located at the corner of Main Street and Navy, it has become the premier gathering spot for local artists, musicians, and movie industry moguls, making Chaya Venice a major landmark of the new Venice. It is no wonder, as not only is the food top notch, but Happy Hour is all night, every night. The sushi and bar menu available for Happy Hour is extensive, and offers guests signature cocktails, a cold sake flight, appetizers, and select sushi rolls. … Learn More »